Automotive Bushings

Engineers in the vehicle industry are constantly improving performance and functionality. That’s where our automotive bushings expertise and engineering capabilities converge.

As a bushing manufacturer, we can provide numerous material options and technical support to make sure the bushing’s performance is maximized based on the application.

Automotive bushings for cars and over the road vehicles

TSA Bushing for windshield wiper arms
TSA Bushing for seats
Bushing for Seats

Wiper, Seats and Shock Absorber Bushings

TSA bushings feature a hardened steel backing with an inner lining of PTFE. They are ideal for seat applications including the recliner, seat mechanisms and suspension systems, as well as windshield wiper arm linkages and shock absorber bushings. Cylindrical, flanged and thrust bushings forms are available.

Torque Converter Bushings

The TOA material minimizes friction and wear for rotational and linear motion. Its customized solution allows for greater strength and load capacity in torque converter bushing applications. 

Torque Converter Bushing
TOA Bushing for Torque Converters
Torque Converter Bushing TOA
Dual Mass Flywheel Bushing
TFA washer for high oscillation applications
Belt Tensioner Bushing

Belt Tensioners and Dual Mass Flywheels

High-frequency TFA bushings have optimized friction and wear resistances for radial and thrust cyclical undulations. The highly stable composition generates less heat and has a specially formulated self-lubricating layer, making them ideal for belt tensioner bushings and DMF applications.

Shock Absorber Bushings

The TLA is specifically designed to be used in linear motion and reciprocating sliding applications, such as shock absorbers.

Shock Absorber Bushing - TLA
Shock Absorber Washer Bushing
TLA bushing for shock absorber