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Bearings, tie rods, custom bearings, ball joints, mast guides, side rollers, self-lubricating bushings, bushes,
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Bearing Suppliers

The US imposed the first round of tariffs on imports from Chinese manufacturers on everything from gas turbines to self-propelled bulldozers – and bearings – on July 6, 2018. A second set of tariffs went into effect on August 23, and a third wave has been extended until September 5.

When bearings are needed for advanced applications that require higher speeds, higher loads, non-standard dimensions or rougher environmental conditions, engineer-focused bearing manufacturers design solutions that fit the unique requirements of the application. In the process of doing so, they require more up-front information from OEMs.

As a bearing suppler, we have seen our share of long-term agreements (LTA). And, we’ve learned a few things about what makes some more successful than others. Below is 20 years of insight on how to best approach the arrangement.

With payroll cutbacks in certain industries, buyers are finding that they have more responsibility and less time to accomplish daily tasks. Naturally, many have started to limit meeting with potential suppliers. Since new vendors can bring money- or time-saving solutions, it is wise to continue hosting meetings. However, it only makes sense to have them with pre-screened suppliers. Below are three ways to quickly assess if a company is worth a scheduled meeting: