Bearings, tie rods, custom bearings, ball joints, mast guides, side rollers, self-lubricating bushings, bushes,
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The physical construction of belt tensioner bushings include low carbon steel metal backed layer with a PTFE self-lubricating attached composite Belt tensioner bushings either have the PTFE sintered to the bushing or a bonded PTFE tape liner Due to the high-temperature working environment, a...

Seat bushings are found in reclining functions, suspension systems, seat mechanisms, armrests and seat headrests. OEMs look for bushings that have PTFE lining, a dry solid lubricant, to enable fluid motion and prevent noise. Cylindrical and flanged bushings are mainly used in seat bushing...

The accessory belt tensioner powers a car’s air conditioning, water pump, alternator and power steering by maintaining tautness of the engine serpentine belt. A tensioner is available as one of three designs:

Planetary gears require immense power to move heavy equipment while operating within a compact design. Full complement cylindrical roller bearings need only a small amount of radial space and provide high load capacity.