CCTY Bearing Company Launches Podcast

CCTY Bearing Company has launched a podcast series – 4 Questions with an Engineer ( The podcast features bearing engineers discussing specific applications, bearing design and how to improve bearing performance. The most recent episode features Corey Helgeson and what engineers look for in the bushings used in shock absorbers. “Podcasts are just another way …

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Podcast: Absorbing the Shock

You’re listening to the four questions with an engineer podcast, the show that brings you bearing insights from CCTY Bearing. Today we are talking about shock absorber bushings with Corey Helgeson. Cory, what are the types of bearings used on shocks? So typically with the shock absorber there’s two locations for the bushings. One is in …

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Podcast: How Seat Bushings Work

Welcome to four questions with an engineer, a podcast about bearings and motion control. Each episode discusses one aspect of motion control and the bearings that make it happen. We are joined by Corey Helgeson, a mechanical engineer from CCTY Bearing’s US office. On today’s episode we’re talking about bushings founding seats. Corey, can you tell …

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What is causing bearing shipping delays?

Supply Chain Log Jam Leading to Bearing Shipping Delays Bearing shipments are being delayed around the world. Scarce containers, and capacity restrictions on vessels and in ports are heavily taxing the supply chain. Containers & Cargo Scant container inventory has substantially increased costs and prolonged delivery. Manufacturers are waiting weeks for shipping containers to ship …

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Factors Affecting Bearing Costs

Bearing costs are rising due to a number of reasons. Below is a breakdown of what is driving the impact on production and delivery. Production Two inputs that impact production are raw materials and employee wages. Demand for steel fell during the early months of the Coronavirus. The sharp decline caused many steel mills to limit production. …

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Maximizing Bearing Life & Performance

Extending the service life of a bearing accounts for the factors that cause wear.  This infographic breaks down these items into five categories with suggestions for improving overall life and performance. >>Download your copy by clicking on the image for a printable PDF.<<  

Grease vs Oil Lubrication

Click on the bearing lubrication flow chart below to download a PDF of the infographic.