How CCTY is Driving Innovation Through Product Customization


Choosing the right motion control partner is crucial for manufacturers looking to achieve high performance and reliability in their products. CCTY is a leader in this domain, dedicated to driving innovation within the motion control and assemblies market. Our focus on innovation through product customization addresses the unique needs of each application—ensuring optimal performance and efficiency, no matter the industry.

The Importance of Customization in Motion Control

Customization is one of the most vital factors in effective product design, particularly across industries where a high level of precision and reliability is crucial. CCTY works closely with each of its customers as a trusted innovation and education partner to gain a deep understanding of their specific application needs—allowing our engineering team to develop a highly tailored, efficient motion control solution.

Proudly offering “no like parts” in our product line, each of our product designs is completely customized to the unique specifications of our customers. This ensures that our motion control solutions meet the individual performance and environmental requirements for a variety of applications—from automotive and robotics, to construction and agriculture.

Using fewer individual components in our product designs reduce overall tolerance stackup, leading to a more reliable and precise end product. This is particularly important in applications where even the smallest deviation can impact performance and safety. Customization also provides greater flexibility and innovation during the design process, which is essential when developing products that have the ability to perform across a wide range of functions and under various environmental conditions.

Bringing a Simplified Process to Precision Motion Control

Torque and clearance are two critical factors that must be balanced to achieve precise motion control in many applications. Excessive torque can lead to rigid, unpredictable movements while increasing energy consumption. Conversely, too much clearance results in an end product that lacks precision—which greatly impacts performance and efficiency. CCTY excels in controlling clearance and minimizing torque through proper lubrication, a custom product design and meticulous manufacturing process.

To achieve this high standard, CCTY streamlines the design and assembly process—making it easier for manufacturers to integrate custom solutions into their products. By providing both the bearing and housing as a single assembly, CCTY removes the burden of controlling tolerance from the customer, ensuring the assembly meets torque and clearance requirements. This integrated approach reduces complexity as well as time to market—greatly enhancing overall efficiency.

CCTY’s in-house testing capabilities provide valuable data from simulations of components within their specific applications. This allows our engineers to understand the unique capabilities and limitations of each component—ensuring optimal performance under real-world conditions. Our final product simplifies the manufacturing process for our customers, saving both time and resources.

Global Capabilities With Small-Batch Flexibility

CCTY is a global leader that specializes in the design and manufacturing of precision motion control products and assemblies. With dedicated warehousing, sales and engineering support around the world, CCTY has a long history of providing application-specific parts directly to OEMs.

Unlike many bearing manufacturers that require large production volumes, CCTY accommodates initial short runs and works with our customers to develop customized, application-specific bearings. This high level of flexibility makes it easier for our customers to innovate and bring new solutions to market. By supporting sample production, CCTY enables customers to optimize their product designs.

With a strong focus on innovation and problem solving, our team of engineering experts welcomes a good challenge. This mindset has even resulted in CCTY being awarded a number of patents over the years—highlighting our role as a pioneer in custom bearing solutions. If your company is experiencing a design issue, CCTY will work with you to help find a tailored solution that meets your needs.

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