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When it comes to bearings, every industry is seeking to maximize machine uptime, reduce maintenance requirements, improve safety and improve costs. CCTY Bearing Comapny has a long history as an engineering partner to original equipment manufacturers, aftermarkets and large-scale distributors. Bold engineering is at the heart of what we do for our customers.
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Industry Solutions

automotive bearings

From bushings for windshield wipers and torque converters to rod ends and ball joints, we have the automotive OE and aftermarket sectors covered.

Red ATV driving through mud

The ATV/UTV market requires robust bearings and superior seals. Take a look at the complete off-road bearing line that includes sway bars, tie rods and assemblies.

Self-Lubricating Bushings for Farm Equipment OEMs

Sprayers, harvesters and combines require maximum up time. Self-lubricating bushings, SPBs and tie rod assemblies from our ag line keep equipment moving.

Mast Guides and Side Rollers for Material Handling Forklifts

Our mast guides are found in 85% of forklifts worldwide. We are known as the most reliable bearing for horizontal and verticle lifts in material handling.

Ball Joint Assemblies used in Lawn and Garden Equipment

Durable, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly bearings designed to withstand high loads, speeds and temperatures specific to the lawn and garden market.


Stronger bearings and longer service life are vital to heavy truck mobility. Our products are the dependable bearings found in linkages and pivot points, hydraulic cylinders and steering systems.