Planetary Gear Bearings | CCTY Bearing
Planetary gears are available as RN bearings for single row and RNN bearings for double row. The full complement design means that it is cageless.
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Planetary Gear Bearings

The single-row or double-row full complement roller bearing (without a cage) is suitable for large radial loads under a low speed.

RN Bearing Full Complement Roller Bearing Single Row

RN: Single Row

RNN Bearing Double Row

RNN: Double Row


Guide Ring

Without Flange

Cardboard Ring

RN & RNN Bearings / Planetary Gear Bearings

Planetary gears require immense power to move heavy equipment while operating within a compact design. Full complement cylindrical roller bearings from CCTY Bearing Company need only a small amount of radial space and provide high load capacity.


Low friction, long life and high reliability are necessary bearing attributes for industrial gearboxes performing under dynamic and static loads that can reach their physical limits. The RN and RNN series meet performance requirements and feature:


• Low noise and vibration
• Precision grinding and super finish
• Uniform contact stress from an optimized crown profile on raceways and rolling elements
• RNN guide ring availability
• Compact design
• Surface treatment options to improve durability, life and speed


The cage-less design is ideally suited for planetary gears in:
• Material handling
• Construction equipment
• Mining and heavy trucks
• Wind energy


Custom manufactured and special part sizes in single and double row full complement are available.