Every bearing manufacturer is the same, right? Not when it comes to quality. See how to spot the difference.
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CCTY controls all the major critical processes involved in manufacturing a high quality bearing. Our standards are above and beyond what is required – with processes that are unique to CCTY Bearing, as well as onsite testing.


We are committed to handling process control at a high level, a commitment we’ve made to ensure the trust and safety for our customers.


The grinding process is used to refine the bearing surfaces to the specifications required for a long bearing life. Our CNC grinding machines guarantee reliable production results. Additionally, we use modern centralized cycling station for the cooling liquid used on our production lines.  We have established detailed control plans and we abide by strict SPC procedures to monitor and measure production on an on-going basis.

Assembling Process

For our products with high precision (for example, deep groove ball bearings), we use a dust free assembly room to guarantee a clean environment. We utilize automated assembling equipment for matching balls and rings, maintaining proper grease fill volume and for sealing/shielding operations.

Raw Material

CCTY Bearing chooses only the best steel factories as reliable partners. Through strict controls, spot and system audits and quality reviews, we will only work and sign agreements with the best suppliers.


CCTY Bearing requires all raw material suppliers to provide quality certificates with each lot. All lots are checked and validated by our quality control department. These procedures guarantee that all materials comply with CCTY Bearing’s strict quality controls. The end result is a quality product that will meet the customer’s specifications.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a critical process for bearing manufacturers.  CCTY Bearings furnaces are state of the art.  The furnaces are computer controlled with automated monitoring, alarm systems, data collection, and use SPC chart analysis. All of these measures guarantee a controlled and stable heat treatment process.


CCTY Bearing has the capability to provide customers with through hardening, case hardening and induction hardening.

Surface Treatment

Similar to heat treatment, surface treatment is another special process during the manufacturing. CCTY uses automatic surface treatment production lines, to strictly control all process parameters (such as temperature and PH value), computer online control and data collection, and SPC chart analysis, which provides good, stable process control.


CCTY’s main surface treatment techniques are phosphate and black oxide.


Based on customer requirements, CCTY also can provide other surface treatments such as chrome plating, zinc plating, zinc cobalt plating, and more. All treatments comply with environmental standards and salt spray requirements.