Bearing Redesign Response: New Parts Shipped in 70 Days

CCTY Bearing Company

Snowmobile bearingsExecutive Summary

A snowmobile customer needed a stronger ball joint than what was originally specified for a new design. The part had been approved and orders placed. However, after analyzing the ball joint in field tests, it was determined that the stud needed to be enlarged without expanding the housing. CCTY Bearing Company’s engineers designed a solution that adhered to part specifications in just one week. Due to the timely response, the client was able to reorder without delaying the production schedule and continue testing the sled without interruption.

The Challenge

A client’s off road team was in the final stages of testing a newly designed snowmobile. Additional laboratory and field tests showed that the stud was not strong enough to be used on their high-end racing sleds which encounter heavier shock loads and stresses.


The Solution

Knowing that time was of the essence, CCTY Bearing Company‘s engineers designed a solution based on a client sketch that strengthened the ball joint without enlarging the housing – within one week. CCTY Bearing Company presented a new drawing that included additional heat forging and machining. A new boot and injection boot molds were also explored. As a result of having on-staff engineers and complete manufacturing facilities, new part samples were shipped to the customer within 70 days.


The Results

CCTY Bearing Company’s design and manufacturing capabilities allowed the client to continue testing the sled without interruption. In the end, the solution proved to be:

  • A time sensitive response
  • The right solution that passed all of the client’s life and durability testing
  • Streamlined as the client could continue to use one ball joint for their entire range of sleds


The client was able to keep production on schedule and did not need to use two different ball joints in their sleds.