Windshield Wiper Linkage Bushing | CCTY Bearing
Wiper linkage bushings are a vital component to wiper assemblies. The bushings need to provide optimal support while maintaining reliability. Contact us today to speak with a windshield wiper linkage bushing specialist.
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Windshield Wiper Linkage Bushing

TSA Bushing for Wiper Assemblies


  • Low carbon steel backing with sintered porous bronze impregnated with a PTFE composite polymer
  • Self-lubricating material resulting in low friction and excellent wear resistance giving a long life
  • Excels in wiper applications by supporting bearing load, speed and environmental temperatures
  • Available as cylindrical, flanged, and thrust
Windshield wipers are the first line of defense against accidents.

Why let this vital function depend on just any bushing? Choose the TSA in either metric or inch sizing for maximum safety.

bushing for windshield wiper arm